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Whiplash Injuries And You

When you’re in a traffic collision, your first thought is your own safety and the safety of your passengers. If no one appears to be injured, that’s good news, but you and your passengers should always seek medical attention even if no one seems injured. Injuries like whiplash may not be immediately obvious, but such injuries can develop later into serious medical conditions. After any accident in the Chicago area, seek medical attention first, and then seek the advice of experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer Joseph M. Dooley.

Traffic accident victims frequently endure the cervical/neck strain known as whiplash. Whiplashes happen mostly, but not exclusively, in rear-end collisions, and they happen at low speeds as well as high speeds. A whiplash injury can occur when the sudden force of a collision throws the victim’s neck past its normal range of motion. The head is rapidly thrown forward, then backward, quickly and unexpectedly. If you’ve suffered whiplash in an auto accident in the Chicago area, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and receive reimbursement for your injury and related expenses; you should consult right away with experienced Chicago personal injury attorney Joseph Dooley.

The impact tears and stretches ligaments and tendons in the back and neck. Pain in the cervical area is a common whiplash symptom. Symptoms can also include muscle spasms, headaches, neck aches, sleep disorders, tight muscles, lower back pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, dizziness, and vision trouble. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms after an accident, first seek medical treatment, then speak to a good personal injury lawyer. Some cervical injuries will not go away without treatment, which can include ice packs, a neck brace, prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medication, and physical therapy. Some accident victims may require surgery.

If you are injured in a traffic accident because another motorist was driving negligently, Illinois law entitles you to file a personal injury claim and receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and related costs. If you suffer whiplash in an accident, don’t let an insurance company decide on your medical treatment. Let your doctor decide. And do not talk to the other driver or the insurance company. Let a good personal injury lawyer handle all discussions and negotiations on your behalf. In the Chicago area, if you’re injured in any traffic accident now or in the future, protect yourself and your health; get advice immediately from experienced Chicago personal injury attorney Joseph Dooley.

High-Speed Collisions

It’s basic physics; when vehicles collide at higher speeds, injuries will be more severe. Many serious and fatal accidents could be avoided if drivers simply obeyed the posted speed limit. Speeding is negligent driving, and if you are injured by a negligent driver in the Chicago area, you are entitled to recover compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injury. However, that compensation doesn’t come to you automatically; you’ll need to obtain legal help immediately from an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney. If you are injured by a speeding driver in the Chicago area now or in the future, contact Chicago personal injury attorney Joseph M. Dooley immediately.

Vehicles are more difficult to stop at higher speeds; a driver who is speeding will need more time for braking. Whether the vehicle is an auto, van, truck, or bus, excessive speed can cause a tire blowout, an engine failure, or a brake failure. When a driver loses control of a speeding vehicle, no one in the vicinity is safe. Fatalities are always more likely to occur in high-speed collisions; so are traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and injuries that lead to amputation. Debilitating and permanent injuries will require substantial compensation to cover long-term medical care.

When you’re involved in a car crash, typically an insurance adjuster will talk to you about signing a medical release form. Don’t do it! Always speak first to an experienced personal injury attorney before signing any insurance forms after an accident. Here’s why you don’t want to sign a medical release form before speaking to a good personal injury lawyer.

  • An insurance company can take advantage of pre-existing conditions. The insurance company will want to examine your medical history to try and link injuries from your past to injuries you’ve suffered in the accident. The company may claim that you were injured previously, not by the accident.
  • You have a right to privacy. When you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney, you are protected by attorney-client privilege. A good personal injury lawyer can prevent an insurance company from obtaining more information than they need.
  • You lose leverage. If you sign a blanket release form, you give an insurer significant leverage. Old injuries may not have bothered you for years, but the insurance company may still use those ancient injuries to deny your claim.
  • Timing: Eventually, your records must be released before you can win a settlement. Most experienced personal injury attorneys will wait until you are medically stable and your treatment is in progress or complete.
  • Your attorney is on your side, but insurance companies are not. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you decide what documents to sign and not to sign.  Most good personal injury lawyers will help you recover expenses for your injuries, medical expenses, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, therapy, and everything else related to your accident injuries.
  • You pay a good personal injury lawyer for his or her services only if you win. Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. A good personal injury lawyer will use his or her talents and experience to settle your claim for the highest reasonable amount, will work in your best interests, and will help you maximize your recovery. This is why it is so important to speak promptly with Experienced personal injury attorney Joseph Dooley who will protect your rights and interests through the entire legal process.

If you or someone you love sustains a serious injury in a high-speed collision, you’ll need an attorney who can advocate aggressively on your behalf for the maximum possible compensation. You’ll need an attorney who routinely handles similar cases and who knows what it takes to prevail. With more than 25 years of personal injury experience in the Chicago area, Joseph M. Dooley is that attorney. If you have been injured in or near the Chicago area by a negligent driver, contact Chicago personal injury attorney Joseph Dooley at once by email at [email protected] or call 312-219-5916 promptly.